PBN Management Software to Skyrocket your Online Earnings

Our PBN hosting, management & automation software can help you create better blogs for less work. Your private blog networks will never be the same.


Host your blogs on unique IP addresses from popular cloud providers like AWS, DigitalOcean, Linode, and more.


Build your blogs effortlessly through intelligent automation. Eliminate repetitive tasks and instead focus on growing your business.


Easily scale & manage your blog networks. Whether you're building networks of 5 blogs or 1000, use our software to manage them easily.

Blogsitter Features

One-click blog launch

Deploy new blogs easily and quickly. Handle the customization yourself or let our software do it for you — creating beautiful, fully-functioning websites near-instantaneously.

Unique IPs

Your blogs are launched on popular cloud hosts — Amazon's AWS, Digital Ocean, RackSpace, etc. — with every blog within a network on a unique IP address.

AI-powered automation

Our software can leverage artificial intelligence to analyze your content and enhance it with important mark-up — internal & external links, featured & internal images, and more.

Metrics and Health Monitoring

Every domain is analyzed with popular metrics and regular indexation checks, alerting you to any major changes which may hurt your network.

Archive Restore Tool

Effortlessly restore an old website from the web archive into a new Wordpress install, ready for you to leave as is or add new content, while automatically adding necessary page redirects.

Easy 301 redirects

Easily add 301 redirects right within your dashboard. No need for editing important files yourself — redirecting old web pages to their new URLs has never been simpler.

Simple blog maintenance

Private blog networks can quickly grow out of control, becoming unmanageable. Our software handles all maintenance tasks required, such as regular updates, making sure they are up-to-date and in proper working health.

Automated, regular backups

Comprehensive backups of your blogs are performed regularly. If anything ever goes wrong with a blog, you have the option to use a one-click restore to a previous date.

Reliable PBN Hosting

Host your blog networks reliably in the cloud

As anyone who's set up a blog network before knows, finding good hosting for PBNs is incredibly difficult. It's simply not realistic to use standard shared hosting providers for each blog. The costs would be outrageous, and the upkeep and maintenance would be incredibly time-consuming.

So what can you do?

The answer is to find private blog network hosting that's simple, cost-effective, and — most importantly — hosting that's safe. We host your blogs using only reputable cloud hosting providers like AWS, DigitalOcean, Linode, and more. Using various hosts and unique IPs reduces potential footprints and helps keep your networks safe and strong.

cloud hosting for blogs

How it works: An Overview


Select your Plan

No matter how many blogs you want, we have a plan for you. Our plans can scale with your network growth (and your online earnings).


Build your Blogs

Select which network the blog belongs to, enter its basic info, and simply click deploy to launch a fully-functioning Wordpress blog.


Add your Content

Want to speed up your process? You can even have artificial intelligence analyze your content and then add relevant images and links.


Increase your Rankings

Building private blog networks is a proven strategy to improving online rankings. And better rankings mean more earnings for you.

Easily Restore Archived Websites

web archive restore from wayback machine to Wordpress

With a few simple clicks, you can completely restore an old website from archive.org

Sometimes all you want to do is restore a great website that used to be. With our website restore feature, you can restore any site from its archived version in archive.org's Wayback Machine.

Better yet, the archived content will be restored as a Wordpress blog, meaning you will be able to edit the old content and even add new articles and content.

Start building your blog networks today

Don't wait — your competitors are already creating PBNs for ranking. Use our software to build a PBN that will help you rank higher than ever before.